EmbraceBra™ Comfortably
Supports Your Lifestyle!

Extend Around
From The Cups To
Support You

Wider, Comfy Shoulder Straps
Never Dig Into Your Shoulders
Or Make Your Back Ache

Patented Cushion Separates & Cushions Breasts…
Especially Helpful For Breast Surgery Patients!

The MOST IMPORTANT Bra Development NEWS In… Well… Since EVE Told Adam To “Turn Around” So She Could Try On Her First Bra!

If you’re a Plus-Size or Full-Chested, and you’re struggling with underwire bras that dig that into your shoulders, make your back ache and give zero support, I understand and have a patented solution for that.

If you’ve ever bought a $70 slimming or shape-wear bra, or settled on a Walmart sports bra—and they aren’t working for you—I feel your frustration!

Hi, my name is Kelly Pacheco, and I’d like to introduce you to my triple-patented plus sized bras designed exclusively for women and teens living a Plus-Size lifestyle. I call  it The EmbraceBra™!

Hundreds of women revealed after trying on the EmbraceBra™ for the first time:

“It feels like it was made JUST for me… JUST for my body!”


And it was. At a recent Women’s Health conference, several Plus-Size women tried it on for the first time—and a couple of them began to cry because it was the first time in their lives that a plus size bra actually fit THEIR unique breasts, chests and shoulders!

I wish I had words to describe that moment… there are none.

Smooth Out Those Extra 2 To 4 Bulging Inches—Once & For All.

I believe that when you put the EmbraceBra™ on for the first time you WILL also feel as if it WAS made just for you. It may take a day or two to get used to, but it will quickly dawn on you how bad your old bras were—and how an EXCELLENT plus size bra is supposed to fit and feel.

The best part of the EmbraceBra™ is how the specialized cups, bands, straps and patented “wrap-around fingers” work together to provide fit and to smooth out the “bulges” that other bras create.


Thinking of breast surgery?

The EmbraceBra™ is the ultimate recovery and post breast augmentation bra. The specialized design assists with swelling AND, most important, EmbraceBra™ prevents the breasts from sagging and pulling on incisions and sutures. Other bras for plus size women simply can’t offer this level of comfort!

Try EmbraceBra™ On… Before-You-Own-It

If you are convinced by what you see here , I invite you to buy one of my patented plus size bras. However, if you need more proof I have a proposition for you.

All I ask is that you purchase the bra, pay for shipping to your location and try it on in the privacy and comfort of your own home. If, for some reason, you are not pleased you can call me about different sizing/cup options or return it for a full refund. My only condition is that the bra must be returned in “mint” condition. I prefer that you try another cup size to see if it fits better, but my guarantee stands either way and I think it’s a good partnership.

The EmbraceBra™ Guarantee:
The Most Comfortable And Supportive Plus-size Bra You’ll Ever Buy—or Your Money Back!

Kelly Pacheco, EmbraceBra™ Founder and Innovator.

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Dynamic, Comfortable Breast Support—Without Underwire.

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