5 Big Problems Plus Size Bras Can Solve for Women with Large Breasts

Having big breasts is a characteristic overly glorified in media. You only need to look at TV commercials, billboards, and even your social media news feed to see the proof. What many don’t realize is that having large breasts can be difficult for women due to many different reasons. Lucky for busty women, many common problems can be solved by simply investing in a few quality plus size bras.

5 Big Problems Plus Size Bras Can Solve for Women with Large Breasts

Working Up a Sweat

Everybody who wants to keep a healthy lifestyle knows that part of that is regular exercise. That might be a problem for women with large bosoms. Sport bras can only do so much, and more often than not, these are not enough to provide support let alone handle the sweat issues that come with naturally large breasts. Specially-made plus sized bras from manufacturers like Embrace Bras are made with special moisture-wicking fabric to keep irritating sweat off of skin.

Bra Hunting

Even the casual experience of finding undergarments for women can turn into an absolute nightmare of scouring every store in the mall for just one bra that can fit. Forget about trying on stylish lace bras from fancy brands; they’re never going to fit because the sizes are limited. Many women with this problem just settle for some granny-style bras and sport bras that don’t really offer much in terms of support. Plus size bras are better suited to the job.

High Expenses

Any woman with big breasts has gone through many brands just to find the right bra. From a financial standpoint, that’s quite a waste. Bras are already expensive as they are, but the higher you go on the cup size scale, the higher the prices get because bigger bras are more expensive to make.

Unattractive Sagging

Big breasts don’t really have awesome gravity-defying powers. They tend to sag despite your best efforts to keep them perky. Your go-to bra shouldn’t be a push-up bra to get rid of that unattractive sagging; tight bras, especially push-up designs, can cause pain when worn for long periods of time.

All Sorts of Pain

Eventually, all that unsupported weight can become quite a problem, causing all sorts of pain in places you’d never expect. You get back pain, shoulder pain, and even neck pain just from holding up your breasts. It also gets worse if you’re moving: Running fast on a flight of stairs when you’re late for work can be quite a challenge because it causes you to ache all over. A plus size bra can take care of any support issues.



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