The 5 Biggest Bra Challenges Plus-Size Woman Have And How The Patented EmbraceBra™ Overcomes Them ALL

When women reveal their bra concerns these are the kinds of things we hear most often:

  • “Underwire hurts especially when it unexpectedly pops out.”
  • “I’m a side-sleeper and one breast squashes the other. I also wake up with a crease in my chest.”
  • “My heavy breasts cause the straps to dig into my shoulders.”
  • “Heavy breasts also make my back, neck or shoulders hurt.”
  • “The lower waist band doesn’t keep my boobs in place.”

11 years ago, Kelly Pacheco began to experiment with ideas for a bra that could both support her effectively during work-outs, but also while she slept. Her unique ideas are now the patented secrets behind the EmbraceBra™.

Today the “triple-patented” EmbraceBra™ is considered the ULTIMATE comfort and support bra by doctors, nurses and plus-size women and teens and is being sold around the world.

Take A Closer Look At How EmbraceBra™ Eliminates Those Pesky Bra Problems

EmbraceBra™ is designed to be used in a multitude of ways:

Work, Play, Running, Sleeping or as a bra after breast augmentation.

Its unique material and design are IDEAL for any occasion because they “support and enhance” a Plus-Size Lifestyle!

The “underwire-free” design and the “encapsulating” cups (made of similar to Tactel®) “embraces” the breasts like a soft, comfortable glove. But, because of the similar to Tactel® material it actually “wicks perspiration” away from the skin to keep you dry even during vigorous workouts. As such, Embrace Bras have gained a reputation of being the best bra for plus size women.

And those 5 Bra Challenges? Here is how it completely eliminates them:

“EmbraceBra™ Eliminates Underwire! No More ‘Pop-Out’ Surprises To Gouge Your Breasts Or Chest.”

“EmbraceBra™ Eliminates Side-Sleeping Problems! No More Squashed Breasts Or Morning Chest Crease.”

“EmbraceBra™’S Unique ‘Heat-Molded Cups’ Combined With Patented Support Bands And Wider Straps Eliminate Painful Digging And Back, Neck & Shoulder Discomfort.”

“The Lower Chest Band Doesn’t Keep My Breasts In Place.”

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