EmbraceBra™ comes to the Aid of Doctors’ Offices

Now You Can Confidently Recommend The Fully Customizable EmbraceBra™ To Your Patients!

Recently a plastic surgeon’s office manager in Syracuse, NY, complained to us that he and his staff were dissatisfied with the kinds of bras they were able to provide their patients. They told us that the typical recovery bras they’re able to buy are ill-fitting, ugly and expensive.

After surgery, patients are at the height of their discomfort. The chest area will be extra sensitive as the usual temporary soreness and swelling starts. The EmbraceBra™ can give excellent support and lessen any pain because of its unique structure and material. Recognized as one of the best bras for plus size women, the EmbraceBra™ can promote healing and allow the wearer to move more freely.

If you work in a Doctor’s office please take note of the following medical and comfort benefits:

  • The patented comfort and underwire-free support of the EmbraceBra™ is ideal for women who are pregnant, nursing, large breasted, or for those who are suffering from tenderness, soreness and PMS. It is also helpful in alleviating any additional sagging and chest wrinkles in the décolletage area associated with side sleeping.
  • Furthermore, the EmbraceBra™ is the only fully customizable comfort and recovery bra for plus-size women (and teens) that uses a unique, patented pillow insert technology.
  • The pillow gently cushions and cradles, reducing lateral movement for faster healing from breast augmentations, lifts, lumpectomies, mastectomies, reductions, reconstructions, cardiac and thoracic surgeries, through all phases of recovery.
  • Influenced by feedback from plastic surgeons and nurses, the design of the original SleepBra™ has evolved into the EmbraceBra™ and now includes:
  • Patented pillow technology
  • Patented dual-back hook-and-eye fasteners for an individualized fit
  • Newly elongated cups move the bottom support band away from possible incisions sites
  • The band is twice as wide (1 ½ inches) giving better support
  • The elastic is sewn to the outside of the bra keeping it away from sensitive post-surgical skin
  • The fabric that is in contact with the patient’s skin is smooth
  • The Bra is produced with wider contouring straps
  • The EmbraceBra™ features latex-free, hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking similar to Tactel® fabric
  • Every bra includes a nylon front zipper closure, and comes in a feminine design with beautiful soft stretch lace

When it comes to chest support, EmbraceBraTM completely understands a woman’s need for a comfortable and purposeful bra. Each and every EmbraceBra™ is carefully designed to provide the medical and comfort benefits that cannot be found in other bras. You can move and rest with the peace of mind that your chest is supported by one of the best bras for plus size women.

Don’t settle for uncomfortable recovery bras. Get your EmbraceBra™ today and discover why we have the 5 Bra Challenges Solved! Call us at 800-579-2934 or send a message to contact@embracebra.com for purchases or more information about our product.

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