About the EmbraceBra™

EmbraceBraTM was founded because there is a real and underestimated need for a plus-size bra that can fully provide comfort and support during all the stages of a woman’s life. There are limited options for plus-sized bras and finding the “right fit” can be a daunting task. Even with the variety of bras available in the market, most feature the typical design with no consideration to the changing needs of a woman or the requirements of different body types.

Inventor and founder Kelly Pacheco turned her disappointment over inferior plus-sized bras into an opportunity to improve the lives of women around the world. Her creations, the SleepBra™ and the EmbraceBra™, feature innovative designs that have greatly enhanced the comfort level of those in need of a superior plus-size bra and those who are recovering from medical chest procedures.

At EmbraceBraTM, your comfort and wellness comes first. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how the EmbraceBra™ can benefit you.

Kelly Pacheco – Inventor of the SleepBra™ and the EmbraceBra™

Initially, Kelly was concerned that there was no bra on the market for plus-size and full-chest women that supported the weight of the upper breast while a woman is sleeping on her side.

Constantly innovating, Kelly and her team of designers and manufacturers have evolved the original SleepBra™ into the EmbraceBra™. The latest design incorporates feedback and suggestions from plastic surgeons and nurses for optimal comfort and convenience of use during:

  • Regular Wear

  • Work-out & Running

  • Post-Operative recovery

  • Sleep

Kelly’s initial design, called the SleepBra™, introduced a revolutionary soft but supportive foam insert. This removable foam pillow (most women remove it during regular wear) is attached to the plus-size bra between the cups, so that when a woman is lying on her side, the pillow can support the weight of the upper breast, reducing the pull on the breast tissue.

The latest and greatest benefits of Kelly’s unique EmbraceBra™ is the enhanced fit, adjustability, and nearly perfect support, comfort and sexiness. You don’t need to settle for anything less—you deserve to have the best plus-size bra. Get your EmbraceBra™ now and discover why countless women and health professionals are recommending it!

Women around the World Love the EmbraceBra™

Doctors and nurses also recommend the EmbraceBra™ because it is ideal for women recovering from breast, cardiac and thoracic surgeries, and is used in surgical centers, hospitals and doctor’s offices around the U.S. and Canada.

After a medical procedure, women commonly experience movement limitations, soreness, back pain, swelling, and incision and nipple sensitivity. The patented design of the EmbraceBra™ will allow you to heal in comfort and decrease your stress during the recovery period.

Say goodbye to ill-fitting and limiting plus-sized bras and experience the EmbraceBra™ difference. Whether you want total breast support while sleeping, running, recovering from a surgical procedure, or simply for everyday use, EmbraceBraTM has the solution for you. For more information about the EmbraceBra™, please call 800-579-2934 or e-mail us at

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