Most Frequently Asked “Bra” Questions

I’ve heard that the best bra would have to be the MOST adjustable one… Is that true?

Yes, and it begs the question: Why are so many Bras INFLEXIBLE and UNADJUSTABLE?

Bra manufacturers are finally listening to women, doctors and nurses. The EmbraceBra™ has taken the best advice and recommendations for improving bras and created one that gives you dozens of ways adjust it to fit your unique chest, shoulders and breasts. You can get into it from the front or the back. You can adjust for one breast that is smaller than the other. You can adjust it so that it rides higher on your chest—or lower on your chest… Adjust to your heart’s content!

I understand the concept of the pillow, but doesn’t it just get in the way or create a bulge or bump in the middle of your chest?

In MOST cases the cushion doesn’t show at all. Rarely, due to a woman’s chest structure it will show, but based on feedback nobody notices.

The good news is that the pillow is easily removed to suit any preference or it can be left in for night time wear only.

Can the EmbraceBra™ withstand repeated washings?

Our consumer testing team washed the EmbraceBra™ continuously over three months using hospital harsh laundry chemicals and industrial-sized washers. We experienced no deterioration in the fabrics or the elastics. Note: Consumer detergents and washers, by design, do not provide the same degree of harshness or rigor as hospital washers and detergents.

Ideally, though, the EmbraceBra™ should be washed by hand to ensure a longer wearing life. But we also recognize that real life demands time-saving efficiencies so as well as the EmbraceBra™ performed we’d still suggest you use the gentle cycle.

We highly recommend air drying. You will find that the EmbraceBra™ takes about one half-hour to dry because of the similar to Tactel® fabric’s natural wicking properties. Drying any bra in the dryer will shorten the life of the latex-free elastics.

I’ve heard your bra is so comfortable I could sleep in it, how so?

Most bra companies will advise that their bras not be worn to bed. Certainly, traditional constrictive bras with underwire should not! The issue is that many Plus-Size women need a “different” kind of support during sleep. Consider these two scenarios:

Many plus-size women are side sleepers. What happens during sleep is that one breast sags and squashes the other. It often creates an unsightly and sometimes painful crease down the middle of a woman’s chest. The EmbraceBra™’s patented pillow allows you to wear the bra to sleep–and completely eliminate sagging and that unsightly chest line.

Many women coming out of breast surgery need to help to heal properly. EmbraceBra™’s patented pillow and support design ease the typical pain and discomfort associated with post-op breast surgery. The EmbraceBra™ holds the breasts separately so that incisions can heal more effectively. And, since healing takes place more rapidly during sleep it makes sense to keep the area supported and moisture-free during sleep. Again, EmbraceBra™’s patented pillow cushions and separates the breast to minimize strain on the incisions.

Why is moisture-wicking fabric important?

Again there are two considerations here:

In effect the EmbraceBra™ allows the body’s skin to “breathe” due to the “moisture-wicking” fabric that literally PULLS moisture away from the body.

Also, for Post-Op protection, keeping moisture away from any surgical site is important as bacteria love to grow in a moist, warm environment.

Not only will you feel cooler and drier in the EmbraceBra™, you will be keeping your surgical site free of unwanted moisture and let your body get-on with healing.

Why doesn’t the EmbraceBra™ come in more colors?

What started out as a “recovery bra” has since become a work, play, workout and SleepBra™.

Originally produced in white, and given to women coming off breast surgery, we started hearing that women wore the EmbraceBra™ long after their surgeries had healed. They told us that they loved the comfort, support and non-constrictive benefits, but that they’d like some added colors or lace to make it more feminine and sexy. We found a lace that is as durable as the EmbraceBra™ itself, so you won’t be giving up a chance to be pretty and feminine while you’re out and about—or while you heal.

We also added beige color to our line which makes the EmbraceBra™ invisible under clothing as the beige is close to skin tones.

In that tradition we will be adding different color lace to EmbraceBra™ in the upcoming year.

Should I wear a sports bra for several weeks after having surgery or will the EmbraceBra™ do a better job creating roominess and support?

Sometimes you’ll hear that a Sports Bra is best, but that would only be true if the EmbracBra™ didn’t exist. With a Sports Bra you must trade off one for the other. You get roominess, but you sacrifice support. The EmbraceBra™ provides both without the need for underwire.

Keep in mind that older technology bras almost always use underwire to give full-chested women support, but it is rarely a woman’s best friend as you probably already know.

Is it realistic that a bra can give you both a front and back way to get in and out? I’m used to either reaching around or pulling my bra around to the Front to take it off that I have a hard time believing it’s possible.

This is one of the most convenient innovations of the EmbraceBra™. Due to its sleek design it lets you get in and out of it from the front or back, but without creating another set of problems or irritations. Novel idea, huh! We thought you’d like that.

Okay, another “after surgery question”: My doctor told me to get a bra that has soft cups without seams as the seams can be irritating to the breast. He also said that underwire is usually not comfortable right after surgery—and I agree. It seems to me that I’d be better off with a bra that I can wear during my recovery, but which I can also wear 24/7. Your thoughts?

The EmbraceBra™’s unique design and material eliminates irritating seams that rub against your skin. It gives you form-fitting or “encapsulating” cups to softly, but firmly embrace your breasts—and allows you to adjust support if you’re swollen. And because of the wider straps it gives you the support needed to hold you comfortably in place day, night or working out—without causing any irritation. The only caveat is that bodily liquids during post-op recovery could get on the bra to stain it.

“I’ve heard that too much support is not beneficial as you want your breasts to drop into place after surgery. How does EmbraceBra™ give support and also allow the breasts to descend into place.”

This is true. You can have too much support if your bra doesn’t also allow the breasts to fall into place. The problem is that until the EmbraceBra™ came along most women, doctors and nurses couldn’t find a bra that provided the right balance.

“It seems like every doctor recommends something different. Help me understand how to justify the EmbraceBra™ as the ultimate solution.”

I have many doctor friends and many of them possess strong opinions about the kind of bra a full-chested woman should wear—and without knowing any better they are justified to have those divergent opinions. But, once they see and hear about the benefits of the EmbraceBra™ most of them come to the conclusion that it’s the ONE bra that provides support, comfort and sexiness—all in one—for plus-size women, but after surgery and beyond.

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