The Unique Features of EmbraceBra™

Do you feel like you’re wasting time going back and forth numerous stores when shopping for a bra? Are you spending money on bras that always seem to lose their shape after just a few months? Did you settle for an uncomfortable and ill-fitting plus-size bra because of limited options?

The Truth about the Bra from EmbraceBra™

Inventor and owner of EmbraceBraTM, Kelly Pacheco, understands what you are going through. The reason behind the creation of the EmbraceBra™ is to provide the best bras for plus-size women. Below are her thoughts on bra designs and how EmbraceBra™ can make your old bra problems a thing of the past:

I’m not saying that all other bras for plus size women are bad, but until I created the EmbraceBra™, I was never able to find a bra that eliminated all my “pet peeves” and still provided comfort and support.

If you’ve read my “5 Bra Challenges Eliminated” then you know there are very specific problems the EmbraceBra™ solves. Here are some of the amazing innovations that will enhance any Plus-Size Woman’s lifestyle:

  • Patented pillow technology cushions and separates the breasts. This is a revolutionary feature that most women have never experienced
  • Patented dual-back hook-and-eye fasteners for an individualized, custom, hand-in-glove fit
  • Elongated cups move the bottom support band away from possible incisions sites
  • The chest band is 2 to 3 times as wide as other plus-size bras. The patented “extra width” reinforces all other EmbraceBra™ features, but still leaves you feeling comfortable.
  • The elastic is sewn to the outside of the bra keeping it away from sensitive skin. This is ALWAYS helpful, but especially for post-surgery patients.
  • All fabric in contact with the patient’s skin is amazingly soft and smooth
  • The EmbraceBra™ has wider contouring straps around the sides, back and shoulders
  • The EmbraceBra™ features latex-free, hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking similar to Tactel® fabric
  • Every bra includes a nylon front zipper closure, and comes in a feminine design with beautiful soft stretch lace

Picture1When you wear the EmbraceBra™, you’ll feel like you’re wearing the best bra for plus-size women. But, maybe you’re saying to yourself: “How can I make sure that this bra won’t disappoint me, too?”

Here’s the dirty, little secret about bras that 99% of women don’t know. The bra industry is run mostly by men—businessmen. And they need you to buy more bras. The name of the game is Repeat Purchases. That’s right. See if you agree with my theory for why most bras are so poorly designed:

If the bra manufacturer gave you what you really needed, they’d go bankrupt.

They’d rather sacrifice customization than risk you returning your bra to get a better fit. That’s why so many of them take so many shortcuts in the design and manufacturing of bras. I know it’s not every manufacturer, but do you have time to shop, shop, shop to find one that gives you support and comfort? No. Many full-chest women we’ve helped disclosed that they felt; they are forced to purchase a new bra every couple of months due to how quickly they lost their elasticity and comfort.

We’d like to put an end to this and help you get into a bra specifically designed for full-chested women.

The triple-patented EmbraceBra™ is the only bra that solves the majority of bra problems, giving comfort and support all year long and will last for a long time—guaranteed!


As you shop for bras you’ll see a “plethora” of online catalogs with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of bras. It’s been that way for decades, but EmbraceBra™ is different. We are not an online order mill for full-figure and plus-size bras! We have one triple-patented bra, just one, and it’s the most comfortable, supportive and sexy plus-size bra you’ll ever wear!

Click here to get an EmbraceBra™ for yourself or to “try-it-before-you-own-it.” For more information about the EmbraceBra™, please call 800-579-2934 or e-mail us at contact@embracebra.com.

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