Hypoallergenic Bras for Plus Size Women: The Solution to Bra Allergies

For most women, wearing a bra wherever they go is a necessity. In fact, buying their first bra has become a rite of passage for young girls heading to womanhood. Yet, today, many health conscious people are advocating a braless lifestyle for women, citing the possible ill-effects of underwires, and the allergies or irritations many women get from common bra materials. Going without a bra, however, creates its own health hazards, especially for full-figured women who need proper support for the breasts. If you are one of those who constantly have to deal with bra allergies, hypoallergenic bras for plus size women can be the solution you’re looking for.

Latex Used in Bras

Many bras from various manufacturers make use of latex to make them elastic. While latex can be great for giving your bra support and some room to breathe, it might also have some adverse effects on your skin. You might not even know it but you could be allergic to latex. According to the American Latex Allergy Association, about 3 million people in the United States are allergic to natural rubber latex.

If you’re one of this group, you may develop symptoms like itching, scaling, burning, dryness, lesions of the skin and conjunctivitis. Find out what your bras are made of. If they contain latex, it’s best to stop wearing these and look for hypoallergenic bras instead. Makers of the best bra for plus size women, like Embrace Bras, use hypoallergenic materials to ensure safety and comfort.

Moisture and Sweating

If you like to work up a sweat during your daily workout, you might also develop allergic reactions just by wearing a traditional bra. Some fabrics used in bras do not do well with moisture and sweat, which could lead to some serious allergic reactions. Don’t wait for the symptoms to start showing up, you need to find bras that are made of moisture-wicking fabric. Moisture-wicking fabric is a type of soft and lightweight fabric that effectively draws moisture away from the skin, making it highly suitable for an active lifestyle.

In addition to wearing the right bra, make sure to observe hygienic practices as well. Always wash your bras after you use them to keep them free of irritants like dirt, stale sweat and body oils, which can cause acne and breakouts on your skin.

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