Ill-fitting Bras for Plus Size Women Can Cause Serious Health Problems

Bras are part of a woman’s everyday life. In fact, women annually spend around $16 billion in bras worldwide. Yet even with the many choices and brands that offer bras, most women still aren’t wearing the right size for them—and they don’t even know it!

A healthy living article from Health Me Up by Trina Remedios shares the tell-tale signs that your bra size is not the right one for you:

How an Ill Fitting Bra Can Harm You

Did you know that 80 percent women wear the wrong size bra? Scary fact but true; you may be wondering ‘so what!’ Well you should know that an ill-fitting bra could cause unsuspecting health problems like headaches and back pain.

If you have noticed these following points you are wearing the wrong bra:

- Your bra strap is digging into your skin

- Your breasts are spilling out of the cup

- The cup is away from the top of the bra

- The underband rides up your back

- The underwire does not sit on the breast bone

Adding to this, bras for plus size women are exceedingly harder to find. More than a possible wardrobe malfunction, however, wearing the wrong bra can cause a number of health risks like restricted breathing, which can lead to headaches due to lack of oxygen. It can also lead to poor posture, breast pain, back pain, and abrasions, not to mention the possible disruption of  the flow of the digestive system and indigestion.

Breast cancer is probably the most serious issue to watch out for. Bras that do not fit properly can restrict the lymph flow to the breasts, thus increasing the toxins that may cause cancer. It is therefore imperative to find the best bras for plus size women.

Ideally, the right bra should provide full comfort and support to anyone wearing it, whether they are pregnant, nursing, or large-breasted. The secret to this is a wider chest band and contouring straps that both contribute to better support of the breasts. It is also important for the bra to be made of fabric that is latex-free and hypoallergenic so that it will not irritate the skin.

All in all, no woman should settle for just any bra. After all, bras can be expensive and one should think twice before buying a pair just because it looks great. Instead, opt for a bra that is comfortable to wear.

(Source: How an Ill Fitting Bra Can Harm You, Health Me Up)