Plus Size Bras Help in Recovery after Breast Augmentation Surgery

Plus Size Bras Help in Recovery after Breast Augmentation Surgery

With the never-ending beauty and fashion advertising campaigns of gorgeous women in gorgeous clothes, these images have somehow managed to set a standard of what the concept of ideal beauty should be. Without a doubt, these campaigns have been highly efficient in marketing fashion products, so much so that many women are willing to go under the knife, if not for corrective surgery, for cosmetic ones to create the body (or parts of it) they believe would improve their image.


Breast Augmentation

Many women with small breasts opt to undergo a surgical procedure called breast augmentation to increase their breast size to make them seem fuller. This is done by inserting implants that are either saline-filled or made of silicone, depending on the woman’s preference. Prior to the insertion of implants, a surgeon makes an incision or a cut in the breast area, in the nipple, or under the arms, after which the cuts are closed with a surgical tape or sutures.

Women who decide to go through breast augmentation cite varying reasons for it. The boost of self-confidence when their image of themselves is made right stands right there on top, which is triggered by any number of causes such as childbirth, sagging of the breasts, or premature aging. Some women who have just had surgery from breast cancer also choose breast augmentation for reconstructive purposes.

Post-surgery care

It is important to keep in mind, however, that these implants would require replacements over some time. On some occasions, an MRI scan is necessary to determine if there are ruptures. Keeping your regular appointments is important to monitor the recovery and condition of the implants. Simple techniques like avoiding strenuous workouts help in the recovery, as well as wearing a comfortable and perfectly fitted plus size bra to help maintain their form.

Post-surgery recuperation, as well as post-recovery can be a delicate time. A woman recovering from a surgical breast augmentation procedure should provide protection for her breasts by wearing the right size of bra that not only supports the breast, but also the shoulders, as the weight of the breasts can cause strain along the neck and back. Women in this precarious condition may have trouble looking for the right plus size bras for themselves. Companies like EmbraceBra understand this sensitive problem and provide comfort bras to help women go on with their life with the least amount of pain and discomfort.

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