Testimonials From Plus-Size Bra Wearers & Physicians:

“The moment I tried it on I started to cry. In my entire life as a plus-size woman I’ve never felt as if any bra fit or accommodated my large breasts.”

Tradeshow Participant

“Honestly, I didn’t like it when I first put it on, but I knew based on other’s opinions that it should be a great bra. After wearing it for a few days I ‘got it’! Now, I think it’s the most comfortable and supporting bra I could have ever imagined. Frankly, I just didn’t know how bad it really was wearing all those department store bras.”

Amy R., Texas

“I had a breast lift with implants 4 weeks ago. For 4 weeks I have been dealing with sports bra bands (which after surgery you have to wear 24/7) digging into my bottom incisions. The way the Embrace is designed it does not “ride up” under your breasts. I love everything about the EmbraceBra™…the removable pillow, the zipper front closure, the lace, the feel, the straps, and last but not least the quality.”

Jennifer C., Mississippi

“As a woman that has lived her life with overly sensitive breasts, I have always slept in my regular underwire bras. This was not always comfortable and prematurely wore my bras out. I now have a bra designed for sleeping, which makes me feel secure and is more comfortable. Now that I am in my late 30s and prone to the ‘chest wrinkle’, the bonus ‘breast pillow’ is a welcomed addition!”

Ricci N., Texas

“I started noticing the wrinkles in my chest area and my facialist said it was mostly from sleeping on my side and the only thing I could do was to sleep on my back. Yet, every morning I found myself on my side again no matter how hard I tried. Then I found the EmbraceBra™. I absolutely love it! I definitely see an improvement in the lines on my chest when I wake up each morning. Thanks EmbraceBra™!”

Crystal C., California

“After my second breast surgery, the doctor wanted me to sleep on my back and that was almost impossible for me. The nurse recommended the EmbraceBra™ . . . Dealing with Kelly was so easy and shipping was quick. The price was quite reasonable. The bra really is comfortable enough to sleep in! And as a bonus, I didn’t have any ugly lines on my chest in the morning from side sleeping. It’s washable and easy to care for and is holding up to many, many washings. I love my EmbraceBra™ and wear it every night!”

Tobie J., Colorado

“In my years of plastic surgery, I have never had a patient ask if she could wear a post-surgical bra longer than required until she wore the EmbraceBra™.”

Dr. D.R, Michigan

After my augmentation surgery, I found it difficult to get comfortable at bedtime. I read about the EmbraceBra™ and gave it a try. I have had the best sleep ever since! The pillow offers a new kind of support for the ‘twins’. After ordering, I received my bra within a week to Canada and strongly recommend anyone with larger or augmented breasts to give the EmbraceBra™ a try. It is truly a great nights’ sleep!

Sandy S. Calgary

“My mom had a partial mastectomy and was given this bra in the hospital. It was wonderful for her because she could zip it up and was very comfortable to sleep in. When I called the number on the website Kelly was more than helpful on how I could order this bra for my mom. I highly recommend this bra and the person who created it. ”

KMK New Jersey

The EmbraceBra™ Comes The Closest Of Any Bra In The World To Giving a Woman All She Wants—But Has Never Had—In a Bra—Until Now.

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