Well-fitting Bras for Plus Size Women are Key to a Good Night’s Rest

For many women, especially plus size women, wearing a bra to bed is an inconceivable thought. That’s probably due to the fact that there are many rumors that claim sleeping with a bra on is dangerous to your health. From breast cancer to saggy boobs and all sorts of claims based on hearsay, you might have already heard it all. However, the truth is that wearing a bra while sleeping has many benefits including better comfort, provided that they’re a perfect fit for you. Here are some reasons to wear bras for plus size women during sleepy time to help you get a good night’s rest.

Well-fitting Bras for Plus Size Women are Key to a Good Night’s Rest

Just Comfort

The rumors of getting breast cancer just from wearing a bra at night started in 1995. In a book called Dressed to Kill, the authors claimed that women who wore bras every minute of every day have an increased risk of getting breast cancer. There is no scientific evidence that supports this theory, though. On the contrary, there is proof that wearing a bra to bed provides a good level of comfort, especially for women with big breasts who experience discomfort in their sleep.

Avoiding Stretch Marks and Cleavage Wrinkles

No woman wants to get stretch marks, but women with big breasts are more prone to developing stretch marks on their chest region as they are sleeping because the weight of the breasts can pull the skin. Wearing a bra to bed can help you avoid this by keeping the breasts in place. Plus size bras can also eliminate the problem of cleavage wrinkles when you sleep on your side by providing support between the breasts.

No Restless Hot Nights

Sleeping in hot nights can usually cause some sweating issues for women with big breasts. Wearing just any bra would not cut it; you’ll need a bra made of gentle, breathable fabric to keep you cool as you sleep. Stay away from fabrics made of latex or polyester which can raise your breast tissue temperature to 37 degrees or more. Your bras should be latex-free, hypoallergenic, and made with moisture-wicking fabric.

The main takeaway here is that bras can provide support and comfort whether you’re wearing it to go out or to sleep in. Trust only quality providers like Embrace Bras to supply you with the best bras for plus size women.



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